An unofficial Guild Ball app for building teams and tracking damage during games.


The app is separated into four main sections accessed by the tab bar at the bottom of the screen: Library, Team, Play and Reference.


The Library allows you to browse through all the players in every guild. View each card and see what Union players will work for that guild. You can also search by player name and position.



Team is where Guild Ball teams are constructed. Create a team by selecting a guild and then choosing the captain, mascot and any number of players. Both in-guild and Union options are presented in one table. You can also build your team by flipping through the card views.
When you're heading to an Organized Play event, build a Roster and select your team from that Roster each time you start a game.
Once you’ve built your team use the share button to text a friend with your latest creation.


Take your team onto the pitch with the Play screen. Track your VPs, Goals and Momentum while also tracking individual player health. As you activate players you can mark each as activated so you know who still needs to go. Once a player hits 0 health, they are automatically Taken Out. The Next Turn button quickly de-activates each player and assigns any Taken Out players an Icy Sponge token (if they can receive them). Use the Return to Pitch option to bring a player back out and automatically apply their Icy Sponges to update their health.


Have a rules question? Head to the Reference screen. Access to the full Season 2 PDF rulebook right within the app, along with the Organized Play document and errata. Still have a question? Jump to the rules forum or search the rules forum right from the app.