NameChanger 2.2.1 Released

We are at last all settled in our new home, and I’m back online.  I’ve managed to catch up on my emails, thanks to all of those who were patient with me while I relocated.  Today is the first day I’ve had to sit down and do some MRRSoftware coding, and I turned my attention to a bug that was reported againstNameChanger where applying certain saved renames didn’t work as expected.  Sequence/Replace Entire Name and Remove Characters were among the saved renames that were experiencing problems.  These have since been fixed and I’ve pushed out NameChanger 2.2.1 this afternoon.  Enjoy!

16 responses on “NameChanger 2.2.1 Released

  1. avatarmorton

    Taking this opportunity for thanking you for NameChanger.

    I’ve used it recently and needed the wildcard functionality. I’m running 1.3 since I’m still on a Tiger system. Am I right that wildcards are only available from 2.x on?

    I love the cloak and dagger feel of the red pen icon. And the software is really nicely thought out and works like a charm.

    (from France)


  2. avatarmickey Post author

    @morton – Thank you for your feedback on NameChanger. Unfortunately wildcards are only available on the 2.x Leopard version of NameChanger. Glad you like the icon, I made it myself!

  3. avatarGuillermo

    I installed namechanger today renamed two groups of pictures. All seemed to work ok, but two things happen; 1. the files weren’t renamed and 2. I can’t view the full size image of the pics I tried to rename. I hope you can help me out?


  4. avatarDavid

    You make, by far and away, the best naming utility out there. Thanks so much.
    I do have a feature request, though: it would be neat if in future release, in the “Sequence” option, if you could opt for sequences other than numbers, for example, A,B,C or i, ii, iii, iv, etc.

  5. avatarDavid

    There’s something else I’ve noticed– If you have a sequentially numbered set of files in the Finder and you drag/drop into Name Changer, they seem to land in a completely random order in the table. However, if you use the “+” Add button, they come in to the table in whatever order they are in in the window (so if you have them arranged by file name, date, or whatever, that’s the order they show up in.) Or is this just me? Am I doing something wrong when I drag and drop? If I’m not, then this is another thing you might want to look in to…
    Thanks again!

  6. avatarMickey Post author

    @David – Thanks for the NameChanger feedback. I’ll add the sequence options to my future enhancements. I’m aware of the Drag’n’Drop ordering issue and I will be looking into it.

  7. avatarKATE

    Mickey you are brilliant.
    I got namechanger working (you were right and I had done something wrong) and you will have saved me tons of time on stupid old vista. 500 photos named in an hour — and ordered! HEAVEN. I sent it out to all my friends on MAc and told them to support you.
    And sent you a cash thank you.

  8. avatarJames

    I was looking for a Mac file/photo name changer and found your app. It would be great if it could rename based on:

    Date Specific Individual File Created (each file would get it’s own date, not today’s date)
    Date Specific Individual File Modified (each file would get it’s own date, not today’s date)
    “Date Picture Taken” from the image file properties. Most image formats have these “extra” file tags, along with the camera model, iso speed, etc.

  9. avatarknhobbs6711

    I have a few suggestions for setting preferences.

    1. Set Date Format in Preferences so you do not always have to change it every time it is restarted.

    2. Set Remove Characters in Preferences do you do can have it open in From End if wanted and the number of characters. I always use this function after using a program that adds a space and numerical digit to the end of the file. I never use the In Range.

    3. When renaming Folders it always adds a period at the end. It would be nice to be able to have an option to add or not add a period.

    Thank you for an excellent program.

    Kerry N Hobbs

  10. avatarUrly

    Nice application.
    Was looking for one to replace R-Name as the one I have is having some issues and it’s not available anymore.
    This one is a bit more work to get what I want, but will do, should R-Name stop working.
    I need something in the middle of Sequence and Prepend. I currently use iViewMediaPro to organize images in a folder and your image browser comes in handy here. Then I drag them to R-Name for a sequential rename with digits before suffix set to two zeros before resulting new file number. Example: Motorcycle RdBlkRdRce 00034.jpg . Maybe I’m missing something, but I can’t do that with NameChanger. I can come close. One way puts more digits than I tell it to and another asks me if I want to remove the suffix .jpg.
    I can send you a .dmg of R-Name if you can look at the code if you want.
    Thanks for your work and time on this.

  11. avatarMickey Post author

    I believe you can accomplish what you are after by opening the Options window from the toolbar and checking “Hide Extensions”. Then use Sequence to rename them as appropriate. This will replace the filename, but keep the original extension of the file.

  12. avatarashorlivs

    just a quick thank you! My batch renaming was simple, but I saved a lot of time using your little software compared to Automator.
    Approved on OS X.7.3